We have a wide selection of herbs that can help enhance the taste of a variety of recipes. From soups and sauces to garnishments, our herbs are sure to provide your dishes with wonderful flavors as well as aromatic and savory fragrances.

Nutritious and wholesome, our leaf vegetables are expertly cultivated from both highlands and lowlands to give them a lasting freshness. These leafy greens go very well with different cooking styles and provide great taste as well as numerous nutritional values.

We boast an amazing variety of fruiting vegetables that are both tasty and high in nutritional properties. Whether you use them to enhance your dishes or even eat them on their own, their juiciness and wonderful flavors are sure to stir up your taste buds!

Seeking a healthy and modern diet to suit your lifestyle? Fresh, delicious and tasty, our range of unique salad will help you accomplish that and more!

Using premium quality vegetable seeds and the latest farming equipment, both our farms from the lowlands and highlands ensure that each and every plant is properly cared for and carefully cultivated. With such a broad range of herbs, bulb, leafy and fruiting vegetables, such a task is nevertheless difficult, but through great perseverance and hard work, our team of expert cultivators are able to help make sure that our products are not only safe for consumption, but they possess a longer shelf life as well. As such, this enables us to provide our customers with the freshest and tastiest vegetables!

In order to achieve the freshness and quality upon delivery, we at Pun Chou Sdn. Bhd. strongly believe that efficacy and efficiency is hugely required to fulfill our promises. Furthermore, we make sure that we label our packaging correctly so that our customers and consumers will be able to make better informed selections.
In order to achieve these, we employ both hand-packaging as well as technology designed for packaging such as shrink wrapping or tray wrapping. Both of these enable us to maintain the fresh quality of our produce.


In order to achieve customer expectations and satisfactions, our modes of transportation comes together with a GPS Tracking System that allows both parties to track the process and ensure that the shipment is delivered securely. In addition to that, this also allows us to operate our transports efficiently by reducing fuel consumption and improving road safety.
With the rise of many technological advantages in this area, we are aware of our own responsibilities towards our environment. As such, we ship our products using methodical and standardized environmental-friendly transportation for it is our responsibility to ensure that our planet will continue to be safe and sustainable for the future.

As our customers and consumers are important to us, we at Pun Chou Sdn. Bhd. highly value their safety above all else. As such, we regimentally follow the laws and regulations in order to ensure the safety of our food products. This can be seen through our certification of and implementing of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.


Pack House Address

PT 9112, Taman Perindustrian Tungzen,
31300 Kampung Kepayang
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

Main Hub Address

No.17, 18, Taman Tringkap Puncak,
39100 Cameron Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Email : info@pcg.com.my
Phone : +605-2258018
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